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Orthodontic Treatment (Braces)

Orthodontic treatment can improve the appearance, health and function of teeth and jaws. Some of the benefits of orthodontic treatment includes:

  1. Better appearance

  2. Easier to clean teeth that are not crowded/ overlapping

  3. Better and more efficient chewing

  4. Improve certain speech problems

  5. Prevents gum damage in cases of deep bite

  6. Decreases tooth wear

  7. Proper bite



Types of orthodontic (teeth-straightening) treatment we do:

  • Fixed

  • Removable

  • Clear aligners



When to have an orthodontic assessment:

Most teeth crowding problems are apparent by 7-9 years of age. The best age for a child to have an orthodontic assessment is around 7-8 years of age.


  • Early Treatment

    • Usually relatively simple, involving minimum appliances and often done while baby teeth are still present

  • Full treatment

    • Best started when last baby tooth is lost at about 12 years of age

  • Adult treatment

    • Treatment may take longer in adults because their jaw bones are more dense, in such cases, orthodontic treatment in combination with jaw surgery may be needed

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