Scaling & Polishing / Gum treatment

Gum disease (Periodontal Disease) is the inflammation and infection of the gums caused by plaque build-up. Plaque can harden to become calculus known also as tartar. These are caused by poor oral hygiene. In the early stages, plaque can damage the gums and cause it to be inflamed (gingivitis) and if left for prolonged periods may result in severe gum disease which is irreversible.






















Benefits of treatment to stop/slow down progression

  • A mouth that feels, looks and is healthier

  • Teeth that feels smooth and look clean

  • Better chance of keeping your teeth for life


Signs of gum disease

  • Red, swollen, tender, painful and bleeding gums

  • Receeding gums

  • Persistent bad breath

  • Bad taste in mouth

  • Abscesses between teeth and gums

  • Denture fit change

  • Loose teeth, drifting apart of teeth, gaps appearing between teeth



Treatment of gum disease

  • Scaling and polishing

    • Tooth surface is cleaned to remove plaque and calculus from above the gum line and in shallow pockets below the gumline

    • Usually completed in 1 visit

  • Root planing

    • Removal of plaque and calculus deposits in deeper pockets or the root surface beneath the gum line

    • Local anaesthetic and multiple visits may be required

  • Replacement of fillings

  • Oral hygiene instructions

  • Quit smoking