Wisdom Tooth

Some impacted wisdom teeth remain in place and cause no trouble. However, more often than not, these impacted wisdoms cause severe problems and must be removed. Removal of wisdom teeth should be done as soon as possible before problems get worse. At Pang & Ng Dental Surgery, we strive to make your wisdom teeth removal process as pain-free and smooth as possible.






Problems caused by impacted wisdom teeth:

  • Gum Infection

  • Cyst that displaces adjacent tooth

  • Resorption of adjacent tooth

  • Pain

  • Ulcer

  • Food trap




Treatment of infection:

  • Cleaning the infected area around the tooth

  • Removal of the wisdom tooth


What is the process like?

Most of the time, upper wisdom teeth can be removed without any surgical work unless it is buried, angled in a weird position or very badly broken down.


Lower wisdom teeth sometimes will require a minor surgery in order to be removed safely and more predictably. This depends on the angulation, position and depth of the wisdom tooth.


In any wisdom tooth surgery, profound anaesthesia is delivered to ensure a completely pain-free experience. A small opening if then made at the gum area surrounding the wisdom tooth. If need be, some bone might be removed to ensure the safe removal of the wisdom tooth. The extraction site is then cleaned thoroughly and sutured well to ensure proper healing.


Immediately post-operation, you will have continued numbness from the local anaesthesia. Once anaesthesia has worn off, you will feel some tenderness and experience a bit of swelling which will mostly last for about 2-3 days. The healing time for each person varies and will be advised accordingly by our dental surgeons.